Come and enjoy the friendly naturist, nudist camping Dobrá Lúka. Enjoy the animals on   the cuddle-farm and the beautiful nature. Take part in the common meals and the "sporting" activities that are organized. Of course you can take a walk, and get involved with activities that are available. But, what you allso can do is ... nothing. Simply forget the time and let the silence do its work. Read more about Dobrá Lúka.

Review: It is like the Garden of Eden, quiet but lots of birdsong and lots of farm animals.

Zoover: The site is tucked away in a delightful spot, with views over woods and farmland, and is a mixture of "The Good Life", with all the farm animals, and totally modern showers and loos.

AppartmentFor guests who like the intimacy of a campsite but rather stay in a accommodation we have several options.


Nice things on Dobrá Lúka.