Welcome on Dobrá Lúka

Come and enjoy the friendly naturists, FKK, camping Dobrá Lúka. A campsite where a nude is re-created. Enjoy the animals on the cuddle farm and the beautiful nature. Take part in the shared meals and the “sporting” activities that are organized. Of course you can take a walk, and participate in all kinds of activities that are available. But whatever you can do is … nothing at all. Simply forget about time and let the rest do its work.

Review about Dobrá Lúka

Our excellent hosts and owners made us really welcome. The canpsite and facilities were all immaculate. It is like the Garden of Eden, quiet but lots of birdsong and lots of farm animals. As good a place to be in late May or early June, for the meadow flowers and fresh air, as we have ever found. We hope to be back again next year. A & J