Petting Zoo

Animals on Dobrá Lúka

At Dobrá Lúka our animals add an extra experience to the naturist recreation. You and your children are introduced to the various animals and the care that each animal requires. You can always watch but it can be even more fun to help. For example: milking the goats or feeding the pigs. Feel free to ask us if you can help with any job. In an attempt to make it a little easier for our guests to remember the names of our animals, all their names start with an H.

Hladka, Hermien, Hanneke and Hope

“If you want to learn to swear then you have to take goats”. An old saying that certainly applied to us. The ladies are regularly found loose on the campsite, especially when the kids were born in spring. We hope that the fence is solid enough now, so you will not be startled by a bleating goat in your tent ……. The goats like raw vegetables, but before you give them food, please ask us.

Hannibal, Hendrik and Huppel

Our sheep graze on Dobrá Lúka. Hendrik can take a walk with you.
Hannibal is retired; he is a little old for a sheep. If you want to feed the sheep, please ask us as well.


Our latest asset. Our cow loves to cuddle and is very playful Beware though because she is very unaware of her weight and her strength. You can only feed her grass.

Hannes and Henny

By far the largest animals on Dobrá Lúka are the horses. Hannes, a Belgian draft horse weighs around 900 kilos. Henny, the pony, weighs considerably less. Both horses have a sweet character and like attention. When you feed the horses old and dry bread, you can safely pat them on the nose.

Honey, Hip and Hop

Sometimes hidden in their cages, the rabbits are waiting for your attention. However, you cannot feed these Flemish giants.

Chicken and Roosters

Where you have to make an effort to find the rabbits it is so easy to bump into the chickens on Dobrá Lúka. You will find these free-range chickens everywhere. The fresh free-range eggs can be purchased in the camping shop while supplies last. You do not have to feed the chickens, they get their food everywhere.

Miss. van Ham, Harry, Haley and Hillery

When you walk across the campsite, the pigs will start to grunt. And once you have fed the pigs, they will immediately recognize you next time. You will receive a grunting welcome. Pigs are just like waste bins, they like almost all food scraps, even bones and meat waste. But please do not give them any seeds.


Henkie for cuddles. This Labrador dog is everyone’s friend. He loves sticks and playing with his toys.

Hetty, Heidi and Helga

Four cats, all equally sweet, dependent and in for a hug. Our cats have a high tendency for cuddles.

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