You can find many interpretations around the terms naturism and nudism. Everyone has their own opinion and experience with these words. Below there are a few links about the meaning and history of these words.
The BN. https://www.bn.org.uk/campaigning/index/
Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naturism
Whatever you call it, On camping Dobrá Lúka the guests recreate naked.

Enjoying one’s nudity

Nothing is more important than enjoying one’s nudity in a place where you feel free and at ease. But this is not always the case for the all locations. For this reason, the NFN (the Dutch platform and advocate for naturism) created the ‘Pleasantly Nude’ accreditation in 2014. This accreditation ensures that ‘Pleasantly Nude locations’ meet the core values of Safety, Freedom, Respect, Openness and Quality. This enables everyone to engage in naturism pleasantly. What you can expect from a Pleasantly Nude location:


Dobrá Lúka has the  “Pleasantly nude” accreditation. We agree with the core values of Safety, Freedom, Respect, Openness and quality of this label.

Brochure Pleasantly Nude

Pleasantly Nude rules

√ Weather conditions and personal circumstances (e.g. recovering from a surgery, menstruation etc.) mostly determine one’s ability to be nude

√ Adolescents are encouraged in a friendly and relaxed manner to be nude, however we take possible sensitivities into account

√ It is clearly indicated where nudity is preferred/encouraged (e.g. in and around the pool) and where it is unwanted (e.g. in the restaurant/common room). Any other particular details or agreements that are clearly communicated.

√ Every effort is made to protect the environment with a responsible and sustainable energy use, water use and waste processing by both staff and guests.

√ The objective is to create a pleasant and respectful atmosphere. When/if someone displays any annoying or offensive behaviour disturbing the integrity of this atmosphere we will approach them. Inappropriate behaviour is not tolerated.

√ Everyone’s choices and experiences are respected. This means that basically everyone is welcome. Guests who are (relatively) unfamiliar with naturism will be guided in an amicable manner.

√ The manager of this location will handle reports or suspicions of unacceptable or unwanted behaviour appropriately and with integrity.


Does my teenager have to be naked?

We respect teenagers who have difficulty in recreating nude. That is why we have the rule for teenagers that they are allowed to be naked but aren’t required to. Swimming however is always naked. Swimwear is not permitted. More information can be found at:

Do you want to try naturism?

You are welcome. Some guests have already had great experiences at Dobrá Lúka.